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Teacher Advisory Council

The Teacher Advisory Council meets monthly to discuss progress of the strategic plan and any other important matters within our schools. Confluence Charter Schools values student and staff voice where we work together to achieve one mission. The Confluence Charter School Advisory Council is made up of members from each school and the Resource Office. Members include:
Resource Staff who attend:
Dr. Candice Carter-Oliver, CEO
Jeff Kuntze, CFO
Dion Edwards, Chief Human Resources Officer
Dr. Louise Losos, Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Leslie Muhammad, Director of Student Services & Family Involvement
Dr. DiAnna Thompson, Director of Special Education
Mike Baker, Director of Operations
Lezlee Raiford, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator 
Marcy Dotson, Director of Instructional Technology
Debra Bahr, Math/Science Curriculum Coordinator
Shelly Crawford, English/Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator 
Brandi Jones, Aspire Academy
Carolyn Barnes, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Haley Brueck, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Jordan Cook, Grand Center Arts Academy
Thomas Proctor, Grand Center Arts Academy
Liz Watson, Old North Academy
Jessica Sparks, South City Academy
Linda Kraushaar, South City Academy
Selma Durakovic, South City Academy
Jamie Scott, Grand Center Arts Academy