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Remote Learning

Confluence's Remote Learning Plan can be divided into three parts.  Each of these categories is designed to assist our students in learning and growing during times in which they cannot access on-site classrooms.  
1. Remote Learning
For the start of the 2020-2021 school year, the Confluence Academies team has designed an approach to best meet the needs of our students and staff.  The plan, created in close cooperation with local health authorities and our fellow school systems, is designed to meet three critical needs: protect the safety and health of our students, families and staff, educate our students to prepare them for empowering and prosperous futures, and support our families, many of whom are essential workers or must work outside the home.  As a result, our school year will begin in a fully virtual environment.  Confluence administrators will monitor the ongoing environment in which our families live and work and adjust the plan as conditions permit.
To start the year, Confluence students will access the Confluence curriculum from home via Network provided Chromebooks.  The curriculum will be taught by Confluence teachers remotely, using either Zoom or Google Meet.  Students may access lessons either during specified class times (synchronously) or at an alternative time that better fits their schedule (asynchronously).  Teachers are expected to be available during specified lesson times, but also during additional time slots during the day.

Confluence Academies will also provide Virtual Learning Resource Centers (VLSCs) for students during times of remote learning.  Students may attend a supported learning environment whereby they may participate in their remote learning classes at one of our three PreK-8 buildings, Aspire, Old North, South City.  Transportation and food service will be provided at these sites and all safety guidelines will be followed.
See the attached document, AMI-X Remote Learning Plan 2020 for more information.
2.  Virtual Learning
Students who require an alternative learning environment may enroll in Confluence's virtual learning program.  Provided through the online provider Acellus, students may earn credits working from home, or from another off-site location.  This program is designed for students who are behind in credits, or students for whom the traditional learning environment is not best suited to their needs.
3.  AMI-Alternative Methods of Instruction Plans for short term closure
This plan will provide the opportunity for all Confluence students to be engaged in meaningful learning on inclement weather days or emergency days when conditions prevent students from physically attending schools during sessions.  It will abe at the Network's discretion if a school is considered to be "Closed" or if an 
"AMI" day needs to be implemented. 
See the attached document, AMI Plan for 2020-2021 for more information.