Public Relations

The best part of school public relations is telling the positive stories of our students and staff through our school websites, on social media, in our newsletter, the Confluence Connectand more.
Our PR efforts are being handled by StandPoint Public Affairs. StandPoint has over 20 years of experience developing strategic communication initiatives for governments, businesses, and community organizations. They specialize in strategic communication, brand management, crisis management, and much more. Confluence Academies decided to bring them on board in 2017 as we work to enact all the aspects of our strategic plan.
PR is responsible for communication to staff, parents, community partners, and other audiences. PR is also responsible for media relations, crisis communications, Confluence publications, photography, and representing Confluence Academies as an ambassador at community events. 
If you have any exciting news that you think would be good for the PR team to hear, feel free to send it our way.
Rachael Burchett