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Strategic Planning

As a school community, we strive to serve our students by learning and growing, seeking to improve as individual teachers and as an organization. Established in 2003, Confluence Academies has grown from one campus with 245 students to five campuses and nearly 3,000 students. Tremendous growth and change have marked the first 17 years but student achievement and family choice remain at our core.

To ensure that our actions and goals are aligned and to set the course for the next five years, in 2015 the Confluence Board of Directors approved the implementation of an in-depth strategic planning process. From this process came four main areas of focus:  teacher recruitment and retention, curriculum, finance, and community and family engagement.  Below are the goals for each of these areas and the full strategic plan is included.

Teacher Recruitment, Retention and Reward 
We will devise a comprehensive system designed to attract and employ teachers whose commitment and outlook toward our students are a match for our mission and vision; develop and enhance the skills of those teachers; and identify incentives to retain talented and effective teachers. 

We will develop a vertically aligned, rigorous and articulated curriculum designed to meet the diverse needs of our PreK-12 students.

We will maximize our network’s financial resources, personnel and opportunities in anticipation of our students’ changing societal and innovative needs.­­

Community and Family Engagement
We will investigate student and parent needs to develop meaningful partnerships that foster innovative learning experiences and drive student success from Pre-K to post-graduation.

In the Fall of 2019, the Board of Directors set forth to continue progress and establish a new strategic plan designed to improve Confluence Academies in the next three years. As a result, the Rome Group was secured in the Spring of 2020 to work with the Board of Directors and leadership in the completion of such. 

As a school community, we look forward to engaging all of our stakeholders (parents, students, staff, community) in fulfilling plans and achieving goals.
Confluence Charter Schools Strategic Plan: