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Confluence Connect: Winter 2023

dr carter oliver

CEO's Letter: 

Celebrating 20 Years

Happy new year! The turn of the calendar is always a time of reflection and focus on new opportunities; but for Confluence, it’s something even more special. This year marks our 20th anniversary as an essential part of public education in the City of St. Louis. In recent years, we have redoubled our efforts to make our schools an obvious choice by working every day to live up to our motto: “Community. Achievement.” This means recognizing the link between what’s happening in the classroom and the world outside and enabling both our students and our community achieve success.

In order to support our students in school, we must do our part to build up our community, too. Our strategic approach has helped us to drive success in student performance, teacher recruitment and retention, strong finances, and community engagement. This includes listening carefully to parents and families, our Teacher Advisory Council, our Board of Directors, staff, and others to understand their views. This outreach will continue as we plan for the future.

I am excited to begin the next 20 years for Confluence Academies. The long-term success of our schools will enable the lifelong success of our students. I am grateful to everyone in our Confluence team for their dedication and talents. To our families, all of us are grateful that you have entrusted the education of your children to Confluence Academies. We will never stop earning it.

Here’s to the next 20 years!

Dr. Candice Carter-Oliver

aspire academy
W.I.N. time is how it brings everyone in the school together. Every teacher and administrator come out to work together to meet the needs of all students across the building.
Mentor St. Louis empowers young students to succeed in school through structured mentoring.
confluence prep
future leaders
The Missouri YMCA Youth and Government program is a unique and engaging opportunity for students to participate in a student-driven state government simulation.
drones course
Step into the CPA atrium and you might find teams of students working together to pilot drones through obstacle courses as they learn about flight plans, airspace safety regulations, and navigation.

Guidance counselors are an integral part of the educational system, and at CPA, they have provided invaluable support to our senior students, helping them to secure scholarships that total an impressive $1 million so far. 

jacob stern
As the senior class at GCAA gears up for graduation, one student stands out for his exceptional achievements and contributions. Jacob Stern, a senior in the Music Pathway program, recently sat down with us to share his experiences and reflections on his time at GCAA.
Ms. Breeden is retiring this year as GCAA’s longest-tenured teacher. She feels honored to have seen so many of her students grow and thrive as adults.
old north
slime party
We believe in promoting positive behavior and rewarding our students for their hard work and good conduct through the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Program.
On December 10, Old North Academy’s robotics team, Girls on Fire, competed in the first Lego League Challenge, called SUPERPOWERED. 
south city
Through the Bloom Mentoring Group's hard work and determination, the group collected an impressive number of gifts through the toy drive – 300! 



Bringing the News to Life: On Air, Podcast Club

In December, the students of South City's Podcast Club had the opportunity to host a talk with BJ the DJ, a well-known iHeart radio personality.





Hot off the Press! News by Students for Students

The Confluence Comet is a student-run publication put together by the talented members of South City Academy's News Club.