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Section 504

Section 504


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973: The 504 Plan

         A 504 Plan is an individualized educational plan for students with disabilities that impact their participation in the general education curriculum and/or environment. Students with 504 Plans may not require the special education support that an IEP may provide; however, the student may require additional classroom support. Having a disability doesn’t automatically make a student eligible for a 504 plan; after completing an evaluation the school will decide if the child’s disability “substantially” limits his ability to learn and participate in the general education. For students who meet the eligibility requirements for a 504 Plan, they may benefit from additional support such as accommodations, modifications, and/or other supportive measures.


        Additional information regarding 504 Plans, 504 accessibility, and 504 procedural requirements can be found in Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education document, Student Access. The document can be accessed here

        Please contact Dr. DiAnna Thompson, Director of Special Education, at (314) 588-8554 or [email protected], for additional information regarding 504 Plans for any student attending Confluence Academies.