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Remote Learning

Confluence's Remote Learning Plan can be divided into two parts.  Each of these categories is designed to assist our students in learning and growing during times in which they cannot access on-site classrooms.  
  1. AMI-Alternative Methods of Instruction Plans for short term closure

Confluence Academies has developed an "Alternative Methods of Instruction" Plan or AMI days for the 2023-2024 school year. This plan will provide the opportunity for all Confluence students to be engaged in meaningful learning on inclement weather days or emergency days when conditions prevent students from physically attending school during the school week.  It will be at the Network’s discretion if a school is considered to be "closed" or if an "AMI" day needs to be implemented.

                What does Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) mean?

AMI simply allows for the continuation of learning when students miss days of regular instruction. Students will have the opportunity for skill reinforcement, remediation, and enrichment through electronic or conventional paper lessons. Some benefits of an AMI day include: more instructional time before State testing; assist in eliminating gaps in learning by providing individualized learning activities; and reducing the need for days to be added at the end of the school calendar.


  1. Virtual Learning

Students who require an alternative learning environment may enroll in Confluence's virtual learning program.  Provided through the online provider Edgenuity, students may earn credits working from home, or from another off-site location.  This program is designed for students who are behind in credits, or students for whom the traditional learning environment is not best suited to their needs.

See the attached document, AMI Plan for 2023-2024, for more information.