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Professional Development

Professional Development


The goal of Professional Development in Confluence is to provide all staff with development in their area of work that is relevant, research-based, and tailored to fit individual needs to increase student achievement.


Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Social Workers, Coaches, Tutors, support staff, etc, will engage in ongoing professional development that is time sensitive, data-driven, and where appropriate, job-embedded.


Types of Professional Development:


Network Led

Building Led

Led by Instructional Coaches

Led by Lead Teachers




Conference Attendance



Philosophy of Professional Development


The professional development of Confluence employees is core to achieving our mission.  As an organization, we strive to embed Professional Development (PD) throughout the workday as well as throughout the year.  Professional learning supports the growth of new teachers as they enter the profession and experienced teachers as they grow in their abilities.  Confluence professional development strives to meet teachers where they are:  supporting their growth in the classroom, in their content knowledge and in their pedagogy. 


Attached is the Professional Development Plan for 2023-24.


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Dr. Louise Losos

Chief Academic Officer

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