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Curriculum Review

Curriculum reviews are initiated periodically by the Network to ensure the effective operation and implementation of our curriculum.  The purpose of such reviews is designed to not only ensure effective implementation but also to instill confidence in our community and our stakeholders that Confluence Academies Schools are operating appropriately and prepared to meet the challenges that schools face.
Phase 1 of Confluence Academies 2020 Curriculum Review took place between May and June 2020.  Consultants from LDR Administrative Services reviewed documents and interviewed staff from all aspects of Confluence Academies--teachers, instructional coaches, administrators, and Resource Office staff.  The results, which can be reviewed in the attached document, are highly positive.  The report noted curricular strengths across the Network; areas for improvement were also identified and these have been reviewed and are in process of being corrected.
Phase 2, classroom observations, was completed in January 2021.  In-person instruction was reviewed either remotely or in classrooms depending on the mode of instruction at that time.  

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