“This looks like a good book to read.”

Thanks to a grant from Reading is Fundamental and Macy’s, students at three Confluence Charter Schools have new books to take home for their own enjoyment.

More than $8,300 worth of books were purchased for students in grades preK-5 at Aspire Academy, Confluence Academy-Old North and Confluence Academy-South City. The books include hardbacks, paperbacks, fiction and non-fiction, leveled readers, chapter books and series titles. There are books about bugs and frogs, football players, baseball players, Disney princesses, ABCs and 123s, popular kids’ TV show characters, historical figures and historical moments, timeless classics like ‘Curious George’ and much, much more.

Each school held special events for students to pick their own books.

“My students were very excited to have their own book to take home,” said Linda Kraushaar, a first grade teacher at Confluence Academy-South City. “They were giggling and sharing the books with each other in the library and when we got back to the classroom. Students were excited to share the books with their families, too. The day after they chose their books, many students told me that they read the book at home.”

“I was amazed to see their excitement over something as simple as a book. They were able to go home and share their excitement and love of books with their families. They are very excited for the next book they’ll receive,” said Kraushaar.

In December, South City students will get another chance to select a book from the RIF and Macy’s donations. The children will choose their books before school dismisses for winter break.

“The Reading is Fundamental book grant provides the opportunity for my students to have books available at home. Students are able to have a book on their reading level to practice all of the important reading skills we have been working on in the classroom. The more practice the students have to read, the better readers they will become,” said Kraushaar.

Teachers and students from each school wrote thank you notes to send to RIF and Macy’s for their generosity. This is the third year in a row that Confluence has received grant money from the book program.