Officers announced for Confluence Board of Directors, 2015-2016


The Board of Directors of Confluence Charter Schools selected officer roles for 2015-2016 at a work session on June 30. The board previously met on June 25, 2015, for an annual meeting.

At the annual meeting, the Board formally recognized members Jeanice L. Baker and Thurman L. Brooks for their service to Confluence. Ms. Baker and Mr. Brooks stepped down from their respective roles with the board at the end of June.

The Board shared its gratitude and appreciation for the leadership of Ms. Baker and Mr. Brooks. Ms. Baker joined the board in February 2009, serving for two three-year terms. Mr. Brooks joined in December 2011, serving one three-year term.

The Confluence Board structure calls for a minimum of seven members and a maximum of 11. The full board includes existing members Robert Goldson, Holston Black III, Katherine Casas, Craig H. Larson, Lance LeComb, Leona Lucas and Jose A. Pineda.

Board officers for 2015-2016 are: Jose A. Pineda, chair; Craig H. Larson, vice chair and treasurer, and Lance LeComb, secretary.

Confluence began seeking prospective candidates for the board in early spring. Candidates are asked to submit a current resume and complete forms required by Confluence to be recommended for acceptance. Candidates should have experience in one or more areas: Academics, Finance, Governance, Human/Public Relations, Arts, Fundraising and Real Estate. The process to fill vacancies on the Board is open to the community; however, no new members were appointed for 2015-2016.

Mr. Goldson announced his intent to step down from the board in the fall. He will continue his service until October 31, 2015.
For details about the board members and their experience, Meet the Board of Directors.