CPA And GCAA Students Learn What It Takes To Be A Boeing Mechanic

16 students from GCAA and CPA received a hands on look at what it takes to be a mechanic at Boeing. The students attended the Boeing Pre-Employment Training Program at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley.
It was a great experience and everyone was engaged! Students learned how aircraft parts are assembled as well as how composite is produced to aid in the construction of specific parts. Students were able to use the tools and machinery to place rivets and meld 4 layer composite. Boeing and St. Louis Community College has an evening program for high school students who are interested in dual enrollment and a full day program for high school graduates. The training program is fully paid for by Boeing once a student is accepted and upon completion of the program, students interview with Boeing for a position. 
More than 950 graduates have been employed with Boeing during the 14 years Boeing and St. Louis Community College have partnered to provide this program.