Confluence Academies and Harris Stowe State University Announce Partnership

Confluence Academies and Harris-Stowe State University College of Education (Harris Stowe) today announced a new partnership called “Grow Your Own.” This new initiative will enable high school students at Confluence Academies to earn college credit while they obtain a high school diploma.

This program, announced at Harris Stowe this morning, is designed for Confluence high school students interested in pursuing a college undergraduate degree in education, giving them access to college course credit. In addition to these college credits, preparation for state certifications and other resource tools will be made available for Confluence high school students.

“One of our most important values is building community partnerships that strengthen our students and prepare them to lead productive and fulfilling lives, and at the same time strengthen our community,” said Dr. Candice Carter-Oliver, CEO of Confluence Academies.

Dr. Carter-Oliver noted that even as Confluence academic performance improved for the fifth straight year in 2018, Confluence recognizes that success is measured in more than numbers. “Confluence Academies is a student and community-focused network of schools. We know there is an important link between the success of our students and the strength of our communities—we are deeply committed to both,” she said.

"I am excited about the promise that the Harris-Stowe State University and Confluence Academies partnership holds in producing more diverse educators to the St. Louis region and beyond. The “Grow Your Own” concept is an excellent investment that will pay great dividends." Dr. Dwyane Smith, Provost at Harris-Stowe State University.

Both partners noted the need for creative partnerships in order to give students in our area access to educational options that will help them build productive and fulfilling lives.

The dual enrollment program will be effective at the start of the 2019-2020 school year at Confluence Academies and students interested in “Grow Your Own” should contact Confluence Academies at 314-588-8554.