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Read! Read! Read! Parents, make time for your children to read 20 minutes every day, even in the summer. Welcome to Confluence » Testimonials



“I’m proud that my child goes to school here. I’m proud of the staff, the other students, the curriculum. It’s a great school.” 
– Esther Shucks 

“I want all my children to excel. That’s why all three of my children will be attending Confluence.” 
– Regina Lehr 

“I’ve been there since the doors have opened. The school just looks for ways to make the family feel like they belong at Confluence.” 
– Angela Bell 

“It’s Teamwork. Here, everybody works together on one accord. They support each other and back each other very well.” 
– Linda Romdhni 

“I know Confluence Academy is the best way they can have a bright future.” 
– David Penaflor 

Student Testimonials

Our children are proof that Confluence Academy’s program works!

“I like the teachers. They’re really helpful. They really help me out with understanding my schoolwork.”
– Gabrielle Rucker

"I like Confluence Academy because I have a good teacher and she loves everyone in the class. My favorite classes are reading and science. There's a lot of work, but the projects are fun and you learn a lot."
– Melvin Wallace