2022-2023 Mini Grant Application » 2022-2023 Mini Grant Application

2022-2023 Mini Grant Application

friends of confluence grant program


Grant Program

 Deadline: April 7, 2022


FRIENDS OF CONFLUENCE Grant Program was created to recognize and encourage the great ideas of Confluence teachers and staff, particularly ideas that:


    • Provide an education opportunity not provided for within the school’s budget,
    • Integrate new and innovative technology into the curriculum,
    • Promote parent involvement initiatives,
    • Foster collaborations (between schools, with other disciplines and/or community partners), and
    • Demonstrate creative approaches to boosting student achievement and support specific and unique actions that align to the Strategic Plan.


The grant initiative is targeted to project opportunities that the general budget for Confluence does not provide.  Below are requirements:


  1. Confluence teachers and staff submit proposals to the Board of Friends of Confluence. Applicants provide information about the idea and the exact resources needed.
  2. The Board will review the proposals. If the idea has merit and is something that can be accommodated within the budget, the Board of Friends will authorize the expenditures.
  3. The Board will seek to balance the expenditures on a system wide basis, but at the same time recognizes that meritorious proposals from one school may attract a larger share of dollars any one year.
  4. Project happens!
  5. Teacher/staff document student involvement in project through digital pictures, writes thank you letter.
  6. The goal is to award grants in May for the following school year.



Attached is the grant application. The grant deadline is: April 7, 2022. Applicants will be notified by May 9, 2022, of the Board’s decision.


The grant review criteria include the following:


  1. Degree to which the project meets one or more of the program goals
  2. Quality of proposed project
  3. Reasonableness of budget
  4. Completeness of application
  5. Timetable for completion



Please contact Dr. Candice Carter-Oliver at (314) 588-8554 ext. 7021 or via email at [email protected]


Please email completed applications to:

Joleen Ploeger at [email protected]